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Хорошая идея вместо тумбочки, если у вас небольшая комната

Stackers Bedside Organization.  Keep you side table clutter free.:
Studio 3B Bedside Storage Caddy In Black If your dorm room that is way too small, the Studio 3B Bedside Storage Caddy will save you some much-needed space at bedside. Its 5 hefty pockets hold heavy books and other bulky items, and its smaller pockets can contain numerous items, as well.:
Bedside Storage Caddy -  $8.99:
Ultimate Bedside Storage Set. Not gonna lie, those pockets are gonna mostly be filled with snacks.:
dorm -- End of Bed Storage:
Bunk Pocket - College Dorm Room Supplies Essential Must Have College Bedding Accessory $6.94

Tags: дом, комфорт, сделай сам, уют

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